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82nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

82nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Peyton graduates from Louisville this weekend. Wait. Where did those four years go?

Our favorite seats at GABP are the 417-428 range, up and behind home plate. I always took Casey to those seats to teach him the game.

We stopped at Party Source (Newport). Kelly calls it, "the candy story of alcohol." Shout out Alphonse who helped us with a wine.

College basketball and football feels like fantasy sports. Just a lot of waiver wire adding and dropping of players.

It doesn't seem like Tyler Boyd got his due on the way out of town. 4th in franchise history in catches and 7th in yards. He really matured here and developed into a steady and valuable presence in Zac's rebuild. Best of luck with the Titans.

I find 'fire him' conversation to be 1. Lazy 2. Boring. 3. Dumb. Just like you thought Jim Bowden firing Tony Perez 44 games into a season was dumb. And Tony hadn't just guided the Reds to a 20 win improvement, a winning season and gotten votes for NL Manager of the Year last year. And Tony wasn't managing a young team without one-third of his starting lineup.

We walked by a place called The Brickery Cafe & Play at Newport on the Levee. It's the first LEGO-themed cafe in the United States. You can rent a box of Lego, sit at a table and build them while enjoying drinks and snacks. The number of late teen/early 20's people at tables was certainly eye opening.

Pro Tip: You can take food and drinks into GABP in a soft sided cooler. Stop and grab sandwiches and snacks. Drinks have to be in unopened plastic bottles.

Do me a favor. Please....please tell a friend that Joey Votto is with the Blue Jays and hasn't played since an injury in a spring training game March 17. Please.

Song I cranked up the radio up to this week: 'Don't Bring Me Down'...ELO.. "Cum On Feel The Noize"....Quiet Riot......Mr. Brightside.....The Killers.

I don't mind when an athlete is criticized for lack of performance. I find it disappointing when the critics just gloss over when the player does produce.

In high school, we were obsessed with playing APBA, a baseball dice/card/board game. Friday night's on the screened in porch at The Hamblin's, with a pizza run in the between was big time entertainment.

We have to go to the Louisville police impound lot and release Peyton's stolen car to our insurance company today. They will determine whether to total it or fix it. What a mess.

I think it's pretty incredible what James Rapien has built from the ground up with his Bengals media empire.

I find garage sales to be an odd concept, but I love randomly stopping by them looking for something cool.

Through 37 games: Reds of 2024: 16-21........Reds of 2023: 16-21.

We 'discovered' Maggie Rose a couple of years ago at The Basement in Nashville. Seen her several times since. While channel surfing last night, we saw her new music video 'No One Get Out Live" on CMT Music. Really cool.

I got to know former UFC Champion Rich Franklin years ago and he became a regular in-studio guest. What a cool and genuine dude. I've lost track of what he's up to. I last had him on the show before his UFC Hall of Fame induction.

Saturday tickets to Newport Aquarium are $38.99 for adults and $29.99 for kids?

Big fan of Maggie and OA on FBI (CBS)......loved Missy Peregrym on Rookie Blue (ABC).

Song I put my sunglasses on and cruised to with a 'Miami Vice' vibe this week: "You Belong To The City", Glenn Frey.

Props Sheree Paolello, Charlie Clifford, reporters, videographers and the WLWT-TV crew for their Flying Pig Marathon coverage. What an undertaking. What storytelling and coverage.

I really appreciate listeners that take the time to call in. We try to limit a caller to once a week, just to keep the voices and conversations fresh. Hope you understand.

How cool is the iHeart Radio app? A listener tunes into Sports Talk from Santiago, Chile!

Scientific fact: An Everything Bagel makes everything OK

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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