Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister covers everything in Cincinnati sports! Host of sports talk on Cincinnati News Radio 700WLW and ESPN 1530!Full Bio


Reds: The aggressive base running give and take

Reds base running: The give and take of being aggressive 

Stolen bases
73 (1st)……..MLB average: 31

Stolen bases success rate
83% (T-6th)

SB opportunities: Runner on 1st or 2nd, with next base open:
489 Reds (30th)
567 MLB average
680 Dodgers (1st)

Percentage of time scoring when getting on base
34% Reds (T-6th)

Times taking extra base on single, or double
54% Reds (1st)
42% MLB average

Outs made on bases (Not counting force outs, caught stealing/ pick off)
17 Reds (2nd most)....Cubs/Nationals 19
12 MLB average

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