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87th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

87th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

I once had a water bed. Looking back, what an odd purchase.

Songs I enjoyed at Kroger this week: Fantasy Girl, .38 Special and I'm Winning, Santana!

Noelve Marte had four months to prepare for THE question about his PED suspension. The best he could offer this week about what happened was: "I don't know"? A. How do you not have an answer? B. Wouldn't you need an answer so it doesn't 'happen' again?

Hey Milford peeps, any talk of building a parking garage downtown? Man, how do you do that parking scene?

The Patriots announced a 12-foot statue of Tom Brady. How cool would a statue of Anthony Munoz look on the concourse of Paycor Stadium?

Ever sing loudly enough while mowing that your neighbor hears you and reacts?

Attending the College World Series remains an unchecked box on my Sports Bucket List.

Anyone remember the mid 70's ICEE cups with a baseball player type card that you peeled off the bottom of the cup? Or am I imagining that?

I'm 57, I just don't see myself becoming bitter and angry about how things use to be. I don't have the time or energy for it. Things aren't going back to the way they were.

People complain Reds players get hurt. People complain when the Reds opt to give Hunter Greene two extra days rest after making five consecutive starts of 100+ pitches. I don't get it.

Wait, they still make Tang?

Big props to Hamilton (Jamilton) for their free concert series at RiversEdge. What a great setup, scene and vibe. Free music. Food trucks. Community.

One of the bigger made up fan narratives is that the Reds 'lack veteran leadership'....Based on what? How would any fan, heck, even media, determine that?

I'll never understand why the Bengals offer press conferences to their fans, but don't provide microphones to pick up the questions being asked. It's 2024.

New adventure: We are trying our new Buzz E Bikes...electric bikes.... on the Lunken Airport trail this weekend!

Ever make a mad dash to the Putt Putt counter when you had a hole in one with a golf ball that matched the color on the board at the course? I think we won a free round.

How about the two episodes of Blue Bloods to end the first half of their final season? Storylines for Sean and then Pops, music in an episode, and an un-Reagan like dinner joke. I'm going to miss that show.

So many people treat each baseball game like a referendum on a manager/player/organization. There are 162 games. This isn't fantasy football with a waiver wire.

I was a Captain America kid. No disrespect to Batman, Spiderman, The Flash, or any others.

You know who has a killer breakfast that's affordable and never disappoints? Log Cab Inn, NKY.

I'll admit it. I find a joy and satisfaction when I wait out the system and then can strike at eight Chobani Flip yogurts on sale for $10.

I guess I'll keep including this. Joey Votto plays for the Blue Jays. Hasn't played since March 17. Has stated he has no interest in coaching.

It makes my day when someone tells me they listened to the show/interview from the podcast. Thank you for finding time! And big shout out to Tickets For Less. They are now sponsoring my podcast! No service fees on tickets!
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