The Mo Egger Show For 2/21/17

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*Based on a nugget about AJ McCarron from this MMQB piece, and this piece on how much the NFL values the Bengals backup QB, let's get into what AJ is worth, and whether the Bengals should overvalue a guy who doesn't play, and whether they should trade him to the Browns.

*Do you really not draft a running back because you're gonna re-sign Rex Burkhead.

*Andrew Whitworth, free agency, and best-laid plans gone awry.

*Is UC basketball really suffering from lack of attention and respect? Two emailers this morning say so.

*Isn't the reason why the UC football coach makes more than the school president pretty obvious?

*Why John Calipari will never leave UK to go coach somewhere else.

*Why the Bengals just did something very Bengal-like today.

*Tommy Tuberville might run for governor of Alabama. The jokes tell themselves.

*And, holy shit how scary was this?


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