The Mo Egger Show For 3/1/17: A Preview.

Join me this afternoon, starting at 3:05, on ESPN1530. You can listen to ESPN1530 24/7 by going here.


*Is the potential market for AJ McCarron about to change?

*Are the Bengals being too loyal with two players who need to go?

*If the Bengals don't value Kevin Zeitler, what questions should that raise about what they do value?

*More laughable rule-enforcement by the NCAA, and what I never want to hear again about student-athletes.

*College hoops...a comeback and a proposal in Lexington, Xavier's search for bodies, the conference game of the year in Dayton, and can one regional college basketball program do more than it's doing?


5:20 -  Jim Owczarski, From the Combine


Hear Duke Tobin on a number of topics from the Combine, and we'll address this poll question....


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