Oscar Robertson's Piece On Russell Westbrook Is Worth Your Time.

The amazing Russell Westbrook has broken Oscar Robertson's record for most triple-doubles in a season, and he's become the first player since The Big O in 1961-'62 to average a triple-double for a season.

He's the most fun player to watch since Iverson, and he's in the middle of the best NBA MVP debate we've had in years (Kawhi Leonard would get my vote, but Westbrook will be a very deserving winner).

Oscar himself wrote a really good piece for ESPN's The Undefeated about Westbrook's season, his MVP credentials, and his own legendary career....

I know who I played against and what I did, and that’s good enough for me. As far as I’m concerned, my NBA career was defined by being a consummate professional and competing professionally for 14 seasons. My triple-double season and the Milwaukee Bucks’ championship in 1971 were both highlights of that wonderful career.

There's also some good Cincinnati Royals nuggets in here as well...

We took the Celtics to seven games in the Eastern Conference final in 1963. The following year, with Jerry Lucas added to the team, but Boozer subtracted midseason in what I still consider the worst trade in NBA history, we won our regular-season series against the Celtics, but they went on to win the NBA championship.

Incidentally, before I joined the Royals in 1960-61 and recorded 26 triple-doubles, the single-season triple-double record was 9 — set in 1958, his final season, by another Royal named Maurice Stokes. His tragic, career-ending injury at the end of that season cost the Royals and the NBA a brilliant all-around player and forever changed the trajectory of our franchise.

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