Watch: Bronson Arroyo Talks About The Player Who's Been To More Strip Clubs Than Anyone.

Mike Oz of Yahoo Sports has a series called "25 year-old Baseball Cards" where he and a baseball figure - an active player, a former player, or manager - open, you guessed it, a pack of 25 year-old baseball cards.  It's more entertaining that in sounds, especially if you're an 80s and 90s baseball dork like me and grew up collecting baseball cards. (The episode with Terry Francona is particularly good, and there's also one with the coolest Red of all-time, Eric Davis.)

Anway, this is the kind of thing that's perfect for Bronson Arroyo because he's unfailingly honest - so much so that he'll talk at length about player he believes has been to more strip clubs than anyone, which is the kind of stuff people like me are interested in. 


Watch: "Opening 25-year-old Baseball Cards with Bronson Arroyo"

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