Here's A Pretty Solid Q&A With Reds GM Dick Williams.

This is pretty good.  Reds General Manager Dick Williams did an interview with Mark Feinsand of, on his career path, the direction the Reds are going in, and much more....

I feel like sometimes when you talk to the fans about it, they roll their eyes and they say, "Here we go again. It means we're going to be bad." I'm sorry they feel that way and I'm sorry there's a negative stigma attached to it. There are reasons for that. When you talk about rebuilding, it does mean you're going to take cash out of the Major League payroll and probably invest it in other areas that are going to give you a better return on investment for your next window of success.

Baseball is a little bit of a long game. You watch the NFL and NBA, they draft and those players are on the field or on the court in a matter of months, where our Minor League system tends to take years to develop players. You have to play a little bit of a long game, you have to focus on these cycles, you have to be very aware of when your talent is going to be peaking and when that meets your financial constraints. I said that sort of tongue-in-cheek. I will always be thinking about building the next winner, but I hope some of the tear-down process, some of the painful process of trading away popular players, some of that is in the rear-view mirror -- hopefully the majority of it for now.

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