Adam Jones Is Too Dumb To Answer An Easy Question, But Smart Enough To Know That He'll Get Away With Anything.

You can't count on Adam Jones for much, but when it comes to finding new levels of dumb, he's a picture of reliability.

Yesterday while Adam was talking with local media, Joe Danneman - as a good a television reporter as you'll find - threw the Bengals cornerback a softball...

“I know you said you were thankful for the organization, is there anything you have to show to fans, have to prove to the fans for them to welcome you back since there were a lot of people upset with the way things went down in the offseason for you?”

Bronson Arroyo couldn't throw anything easier to hit out of the park than that question, one that if Adam had any kind of intellectual capacity at all, he could've easily answered in dozens of different ways, none of which would've caused any controversy, a few of which could've actually engendered some goodwill for himself.

Of course, because he lacks basic comprehension skills, he decided to throw a little hissy fit before going into an abusive tirade against Danneman, who unfortunately became the latest target in a long line of people that Adam Jones has abused.

At least he didn't wish death upon Joe. Or spit on him.  So maybe Adam is indeed making progress.

But the amount of sheer stupidity shown by Adam Jones yesterday is simply staggering.  Take whatever amount of intelligence you possess and pretend you're Adam Jones for a second...

You involved yourself in an incident that has people wondering why you're still being employed by the Bengals.

You know that at their first opportunity, you're going to be asked a number of different questions about your employers willingness to keep you on the payroll, and those who believe that you should've run out of chances.

You know that making yourself available to the media is optional, and not required.

You've literally had weeks to prepare for what you're going to be asked, and as someone who's very sensitive to what's said about you, you know there will be negative fallout if you lose your cool.

You're asked an easy question that basically requires you to look into cameras and make an appeal to the public, assure fans that - this team, you mean it! - you're going to do the right things, learn from this experience, and earn back whatever belief they once had in you.

Do you act like a jackass and lay a verbal assault against the person who's asking you the simplest of questions and giving you a prime opportunity to make a plea to the public?

Or do you simply answer the question and move on?

If you have even just a few brain cells, the answer is pretty easy.

Unfortunately, Adam Jones is too dumb to know what to do. 

Of course, there will be no repercussions for anything that he does. The guy can do whatever he wants, free of any meaningful consequences handed down by the people he works for. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis were unmoved when Adam Jones wished a police officer toward the grave, you think they'll care that he merely wished that a TV reporter would go f**k himself?

The pattern will continue. Adam Jones, chronic abuser of both people and opportunity, will continue to do his thing and the Bengals will continue let him.

Even a guy as dumb as Adam Jones is smart enough to know that.

Isn't that the problem?

Mo Egger

Mo Egger

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