The Mo Egger Show For 4/25/17: A Preview

Join me this afternoon, starting at 3:05, on ESPN1530. You can listen to ESPN1530 24/7 by going here.


3:33 - Dan Shonka,, on the Bengals and the draft.

3:52 - Shannon Minor, His Father/Child basketball camp is coming in June.

4:42- Tom Van Riper, author of Cincinnati Red and Dodger Blue: Baseball's Greatest Forgotten Rivalry

Also, at 5:33, Doug Gray of tells us what we need to know about Ariel Hernandez.


A troubling sign for the Reds.

A unfortunate baseball byproduct of a time gone by.

What to do with AJ McCarron.

What do say about Joe Mixon.


The best of Marvin Lewis' pre-draft press conference, and at 4:33, the latest proof that I'm a dumbass.

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