Here's How Joe Mixon Can Make A Big Impact In Cincinnati.

I've heard a lot about how Joe Mixon can make an immediate impact in Cincinnati. I agree. Here's how...

He can volunteer at the Bethany House. Bethany House addresses the needs of homeless and at-risk women and children - many of whom have been put in their circumstances through abuse - by helping them find housing while helping them to achieve self-sustain-ability.

He can assist with some of the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati's initiatives, that include crisis line assistance and shelter service, court advocay, batterers’ intervention, and sexual assault programs.

The YWCA also has a battered women's shelter. Surely, the folks that help there could use Joe's services.

He can help with the Women's Crisis Center, a social service agency committed to leading the community in the social change needed to end domestic violence, rape, and sexual abuse.

He can find out more about the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, which has agencies all throughout Ohio, and aims to help abused women by maintaining a commitment to the empowerment of battered women and children as well as to the elimination of personal, institutional and cultural violence.

The Anna Louise Inn has been providing safe housing for women - many of whom have been physically and emotionally abused - for over a century. They'd love Joe's help. 

I hope that he takes advantage of these opportunities to make such a big impact in his new city. 

Mo Egger

Mo Egger

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