Here's A Pretty Good Look At How Rookies Will Help Andy Dalton.

I always love the analysis and insight of Andy Benoit from MMQB. He writes this week about the impact this year's draft class will have on Andy Dalton...

With safeties compelled to be reactionary deep defenders, Dalton and offensive coordinator Ken Zampese can dictate the terms of engagement. Impact the safeties and you limit everything a defense does. Coverage disguises are harder to employ. Blitzing is constricted, since you have fewer bodies in the box. Naturally, your run defense becomes more susceptible.....

.....The Bengals will rely heavily on their two high-drafted rookies to hide shortcomings at quarterback and up front. But more than that, they’ll rely on them to create a much more advanced offense.

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Mo Egger

Mo Egger

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