The Mo Egger Show(s) For 5/4/17: A Preview.

Join me this afternoon, starting at 3:05, on ESPN1530. You can listen to ESPN1530 24/7 by going here.

Also, I'm in for Lance on 700WLW, starting at 6:05. 


3:20 - AJ Green.

4:20 - Matt Williamson. Here's his Locked On NFL AFC North Podcast.

5:20 - Andy Benoit. Here's his excellent look at how rookies will impact the Bengals. 

7:20 - Keith Law. The outstanding ESPN baseball analyst has a fantastic book.


The Bengals are better, but are they good?

Do the Bengals have a bad culture?

AJ McCarron and what the league told us about him.

One more question about Joe Mixon.

The Reds and the way the rebuild is working, and isn't working.

Wanna make "the woo" stop? I'll help. 


Cris Carter on the Bengals, and I'm giving away some Skyline.

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