Three Things: Zack Cozart Might Be Getting A Free Donkey!

Every day there are three things, none worth devoting an individual post to, but each worth at least mentioning. 

1) The Reds.  I'll admit that I didn't very close attention to the game last night.  It was on, but I spent most of yesterday feeling like a truck hit me, plus with my fiance and I on babywatch, we had one of those heart-to-heart conversations last night where I discussed how for the last week, I've started to freak out emotionally.  See? I'm being honest with you here, bearing my soul.  

Anyway,  the game was on in the background, and during the middle of our intensely-deep "holy shit we're within days of becoming parents" chat, I heard Jim Day share an anecdote about how much Zack Cozart loves donkeys.  Had no idea.  Apparently, Cozart is such a donkey aficionado that in the clubhouse Joey Votto dropped this line...


Hey Cozy, if you make the All Star team, I'll buy you a donkey.  

Anyway, the Reds lost. They're an endearing, fun team. They're not as good as the Cubs.  The kid we're about to have is going to grow up one day to tell her friends that he dad makes a living coming up with profundities like "they're not as good as the Cubs" as she silently wallows in the embarrassment that is her father.

2) Joe Maddon. Last night's win over the Reds was the 1000th of Joe Maddon's career. He celebrated with a glass of wine, because that Joe Maddon is sooooo cool. And wacky.  Wacky too. But mainly, sooooooo cool.


Hey Cozy, if you make the All Star team, I'll buy you a donkey.  

3) No Kawhi, no chance.  Not against the Warriors.  Golden State punked San Antonio by 36 points. I didn't see much of this game either, mainly because by the time it was sports-viewing time at my house, this game was long-since decided.  My theory about why San Antonio was so non-competitive in a game I didn't watch is that Gregg Popovich - another coach who's soooooo cool - unwittingly killed his team's confidence with his BS post-game one rant about the play and the player that injured Kawhi Leonard. 

Anyway, the bigger NBA story for me is the Knicks getting the eighth pick.  FML.

Recommended link of the day: MLB Is Having a Midlife Crisis 

Radio Show: Yeah, buddy. Three hours of Reds/Cubs breakdown.  OK, that's not true. Listen anyway. 3:05. ESPN1530. 

Hey Cozy, if you make the All Star team, I'll buy you a donkey.  

Win: A new lawn mower from Baxla Tractor and lawn tickets to every show at Riverbend.

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