Three Things: Man, The NFL Takes Itself Seriously.

Every day there are three things, none worth devoting an individual post to, but each worth at least mentioning. 

1) Eugenio Suarez.  Last night, Eugenio Suarez hit a pinch-hit three-run homer that - for a few moments - might have been my favorite moment of the season. Instead, it was merely a footnote in a tough Reds loss to the Indians.

On last night's lame Semi-Regular Reds Recap blog, I mentioned Eugenio's All-Star chances, which I'd care more about if people really cared about All-Star selections as much as they pretend they do. 

Because I had some time to kill this morning, I thought I'd look up how Suarez stacks up against other NL third basemen statistically. 

Batting average: third
WAR: first
Home runs: tied for second
Slugging: Fifth
OPS: Fourth

He's also been more than solid with the glove, a bit of surprise if you consider how much of a disaster he was at times at the hot corner last season. 

Should he be an All-Star? It's probably too early to say yes or no, and the fact that a number of other big-name third basemen are having quality seasons won't help Eugenio's cause, but the fact that we're even having this conversation means that the Reds have their third baseman moving forward.

2) The NFL, by being less serious, shows you how seriously it takes itself. The league has relaxed its rules on celebrations, something that - for the sake of the children - Marvin Lewis is not happy about.  I'm excited about the changes the league is making, mainly because it's going to be fun to see which players, having been given a proverbial inch, then take a foot.  The line has been moved, if you will. Some players will still cross it.

The bigger questions...

A) How f-ing seriously does this league take itself when the people who run it have to agonize over whether it's okay to, I don't know, cradle a football like a baby after a touchdown?

B) With larger, more important issues like player safety and the long-term viability of the sport hanging over the NFL, if the people running the league can't handle something as benign as post-TD celebrations with ease, can they really be counted on for the tough decisions on things that actually matter.

3) Thank you, Cavs. With an iconic Kyrie Irving performance, some efficient work from LeBron James, and a 17/17/5 performance from Kevin Love, the Cavaliers are a game away from another NBA Finals, and in the aftermath of LeBron's mystifying game three performance and the takes that accompanied it, those of us who didn't feel like spending our Wednesday hearing about Michael Jordan's infallibility are spared.

Take it away, SVP...


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