Generic Blog Post: Here Are My Favorites.

I'm on vacation, but the blog never rests.  So to fill the space while I'm off, I've written a bunch of posts in advance of my time off, each of which will be published while I'm away. They're not timely, they aren't reflective of whatever is happening at the moment, instead, they are generic posts about evergreen topics that can be read at anytime.  

And they're each a result of what you've suggested I blog about.

Today's suggestion came via email....

Last week there was one of those Facebook memes where people listed their favorite athletes per sport. Those things are usually annoying, but this one was fun. You could list your favorite athletes per sport.


Thank you, Don. This is easy, and I do like easy. 

Favorite Baseball Player: Barry Larkin

Favorite Active Baseball Player: Billy Hamilton

Favorite Football Player: Boomer Esiason

Favorite non-Bengal Football Player: Randall Cunningham

Favorite Active Football Player: AJ Green

Favorite non-Bengal Active Football Player: Tom Brady

Favorite College Basketball Player: Nick Van Exel

Favorite Active College Basketball Player: Gary Clark

Favorite non-Bearcat College Basketball Player: Mark Macon

Favorite NBA Player: Bernard King

Favorite Active NBA Player: Steph Curry

Favorite College Football Player: Tony Pike

Favorite non-Bearcat College Football Player: Major Harris

Favorite Hockey Player: Mick Vukota

Favorite Tennis Player: Steffi Graf

Favorite Bowler: Don Carter

Favorite Golfer: Don Pooley

Favorite Boxer: Buster Douglas

Favorite Professional Wrestler: Iron Mike Sharpe


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