Three Things: Reds, FC Cincinnati, And A Boxing Match.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things. 

The big thing today is FC Cincinnati, specifically their win over the Columbus Crew last night.  I blogged about it here.

1) CaLifornia. The Reds were swept in San Diego. Actually, check that. They were swept in California, where they've gone 1-9 this season. They should be thankful that their failures on the left coast were overshadowed a bit by the draft - which, apparently, they killed - and FC Cincinnati's victory last night. 

The Reds come home - where they've been pretty good - to play the Dodgers this weekend. Unfortunately, after that series they head back out to play the Rays and Nationals. 

Even more unfortunately, the Dodgers and Nationals are both really good and the Rays are marginally decent.  

Things could get out on control fast.

2) Two remaining thoughts on FC Cincinnati....

A. Crew fans legitimized FC Cincinnati...among the 30K+ wsa a huge section of Columbus supporters, most of whom were just as passionate about their team as FCC fans were about theirs.  A few fans I've talked to have mentioned the verbal back-and-forth between fans of both.  The seeds of a nice rivalry have been planted, something the folks with MLS had to take note of. 

B) If I run the city of Newport, I'm looking at what happened last night in Clifton and I'm getting out in front of whatever Cincinnati may or may not do and making FCC an offer it can't refuse.

3) Mayweather v. McGregor. I'm not that interested in their boxing match, mainly because I haven't cared about boxing in 20 years, and in part because I find neither guy to be that interesting. Mayweather, actually, is detestable.

That said....I can understand why others would be drawn to the spectacle of their August 26th bout, and as one who's succumb to curiosity often, I can understand one's curiosity compelling them to purchase the fight.

Also...I do appreciate the promoters' sense of timing.  From now until August 26th, the things for those people who yell and scream on those shows where people are yelling and screaming about sports have little to yell and scream about. Regular season baseball. NFL training camps. Preseason games. Some NBA free agency. And....

Mayweather v. McGregor.  

It will get more than two months of hype and then take place just before football starts.

And...what does it say about the overall health of the sport of boxing when its signature bout of the year features a guy who, you know, doesn't usually participate in the sport?

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