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Three Things And A Show Preview All In One Post. OMG.

This will double as both today's three things, and today's show preview.  I hope you possess the mental wherewithal to handle both being int he same post.

First, let's talk about today's radio show.  We are at Smoke Justis in Covington today. Lance will be with me in the 3:00 hour. Richard Skinner is with me at 4:00. Tony Pike will be with me in the 5:00 hour.

We have a ton to discuss, mainly Bengals, some FC Cincinnati, a little Reds, some Bearcat football, and Saturday's fight, which I'm all-in on now. 

Also, we have Reds tickets to give away, and who doesn't want those?  Plus, we have Brew Ha-Ha VIP passes, and Kentucky Speedway tickets.

And because I was a little too caught up in the good vibes the emanate from nice weather, good company, and a smooth cigar last night, I made this pledge for this afternoon.

Yep. I'm buying beer. Which is probably not legal. 

Oh well. Join us at Smoke Justis this afternoon.  They have a tremendous menu, an awesome burger, a great selection of beers, and like 2938 bourbons, and I could go for a bourbon right now, you know?

1) The dress rehearsal. As bored as I am with the actual football being played as August drags on, I'm intrigued enough by the moving parts on the Bengals to watch on Sunday with added interest.

I'd like to watch John Ross play actual pseudo-NFL snaps. 

I'd like to have a reason to think that Michael Johnson will be on the team.

I'd like to have a definitive opinion as to whether the Bengals should keep three quarterbacks.

I'd like to feel at least a little better about the first team offensive line.

I'd like to feel a little better about whomever emerges at the guy who's gonna take Shawn Williams' spot in the season's opening weeks. 

I believe, and people with whom I place a great amount of trust have confirmed, that the roster will be mostly set after Sunday, with only their interest in other teams' cuts having a chance to shake things up. Cut-down day will be different this year, with so many more guys getting the axe since with the rule changes about when cuts need to be made, that the day or two after the final preseason game will be more interesting than usual.

2) The Core Five. Is there anything, besides Rod Stewart, that Lance loves more than his annaul Bengals Core Five topic?

Probably not.

Here's mine, which doesn't differ that much from everyone else's, with one major exception...

1) Burfict

2) Green

3) Mixon

4) Eifert

5) Atkins

No Dalton?  No Dalton.


Listen at 3:05 on ESPN1530.

That's called a tease, ladies and gentlemen.

3) Fight night.  The hype machine has gotten the best of me, and I'm now all-in on the fight between the Guy Who Beats Women and his Business Partner from Ireland.  This is going to be a spectacle, it's going to be highly entertaining, I'm just not sure it'll be much of a competitive boxing match.

Hope I'm wrong.

I made three wagers.

McGregor to win at +350

McGregor to record a Knockdown in the second round at +1400

Mayweather the be declared the winner in the 7th or 8th round at +750

Wish me luck. 

What's more interesting than the fight itself is what happens next.  Boxing as an American sport is gasping for air. UFC is gasping for stars that have broad appeal.  Does this weekend ignite more mainstream interest in either, or spell the end for a sport that at one time was arguably the second most important in this country?

I don't know. I just want to win one of my bets.

Recommended Link Of The Day: The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Preview

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