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Three Things: The Burfict Suspension Is B.S.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things.

1) Burfict's suspension is BS. Vontaze is facing a five-game suspension for this hit in a game last Saturday against Kansas City that, mind you, he wasn't flagged for.

The consensus is that Vontaze is staring at having to miss five games because of who he is, the latest punishment more a result of his well-earned reputation for dirty play and an accumulation of penalties and on-field transgressions that have long had him in the crosshairs of the NFL.

And that'd be fine if Vontaze was guilty of something illegal here.

I'm sorry, you can call me a homer, but I don't see anything illegal.

We're going down a slippery slope here when the NFL can start taking isolated plays that are borderline at best and issuing arbitrary five-game suspensions. 

What's next? A ten-game ban if Roger Goodell doesn't like how forcefully Vontaze brings down a ballcarrier? A season-long suspension if he hits a quarterback a half-second late?  Lifetime banishment if someone randomly runs into him?

This is wrong. If they want to throw the book at Vontaze Burfict because he clearly violates a rule, I'm all for it.  I've said before that he has to learn to play the game the way the NFL wants him to, whether he, his coach, or us as fans like it or not.

But what rule did he violate so egregiously that he'll now potentially have to miss nearly a third of the season?

It is illegal to hit that receiver when approaching from the "side or behind," according to a rule for 2017. For a to be illegal, it must be one of three types: 1) Either a forcible hit to the receiver's head or neck area with a helmet, forearm or shoulder, 2) A hit achieved by lowering the crown of the helmet into the receiver's body or 3) Launching with both feet into air and hitting with the helmet.

Vontaze is guilty of...none of those things. 

And now he'll sit for five games.

A suspension triggered by a play that wasn't illegal all because of the things in his past.

It's random. Arbitrary. Even a little vindictive.

That's the NFL for you.

2) The part of the preseason that matters is over.  The Bengals played well in Washington yesterday with a fine-looking opening drive, a stout-looking defense, and an offensive line that held up well. The full capabilities of the offense were on display early, and I'm starting to get really excited about Karl Lawson.

And the Bengals suvived three fake games with their health about as good as one could hope for.

End of preseason analysis.

3) Bob, Luis, Tyler.  I could be on board with the three guys I watched start for the Reds this weekend. 

Also...the fight.  Mayweather/McGregor was entertaining.  It was not technically a great fight, but I never decided to watch because of the bout's potential for technical merit. It had drama, it had intrigue, and McGregor did just enough early in the fight to make you think, even if just for a second, that he had a chance.

And no, there's no need for a rematch.

Short on time today.  Sorry.

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