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ESPN1530 Podcast: This Week's Best.

There's a little bit on an issue with our podcasting tool, so to listen to some of this week's highlights, click on the individual links...

On Wednesday, our listeners put us in touch with a former Bengal I'd never heard of, but who will be among the former players honored at halftime on Sunday. Listen to my interview with Princeton product, former Buckeye, and 1993 Cincinnati Bengal Allen DeGraffenreid, who's my favorite interview subject of the year.

On Wednesday, we played a new game called "When Did Andy Say It," which might have to become a weekly staple. Listen to "When Did Andy Say It" and see if you know when Andy Dalton said what he said. 

The UC Bearcats basketball team began practice on Wednesday. Listen to my interview with UC Head Coach Mick Cronin. I was told this interview made me sound like a "fanboy."

Speaking of UC, I always enjoy talking about Bearcats athletics with Chad Brendel of Bearcat Journal. Listen to my conversation with him from Thursday's show.

Sticking with the UC theme, Bearcat football radio analyst Jim Kelly is going into the school's athletic hall of fame, which is named after his dad. Listen to my conversation with Jim.

When we talked with Allen DeGraffenreid, he told us we should talk with another Princeton product, who also briefly played for the '93 Bengals. Ron Carpenter is one of three people that has both a Super Bowl ring and an XFL ring. He's in Miami's athletic hall of fame, and most importantly, he played pro football in Amsterdam. Listen to my chat with Ron Carpenter. 

Tim McGee is ranked 49th among the Bengals First 50. He will be honored with a number of former teammates on Sunday, and he joined me from his vacation, which was awesome. Listen to my chat with Tim McGee.

Paul Dehner Jr. of the Cincinnati Enquirer is always outstanding. Listen to Tuesday's conversation with him.

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