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Three Things Times Three.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things.

Except that there were no three things on Monday, because I was taking care of some family stuff, and there were no three things on Tuesday, because I had what's fortunately a rarity in our business, a meeting.

But I did have the three things for Monday and Tuesday partially done, and so before we get to today's three things, let's go back in time and list Monday's and Tuesday's first.


I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be, aren't I.

MONDAY'S (abbreviated) THREE THINGS.

1) Never let Andy Reid and Alex Smith do your dirty work for you.  Kansas City got worked by the Steelers on Sunday, in part because Pittsburgh's defense stopped Kareem Hunt, in part because Alex Smith is not to be trusted, and in part because Andy Reid is bad at math.

Oh, and for as much as we've talked about the struggles of the Bengals' biggest rival, they're 4-2 and in control of the AFC North.

(There was more to that amazing in-depth take on Monday, but you know, life.)

2) The Bearcats.  First, the football version. The game UC played against USF on Saturday night was originally scheduled for October 28th, which I would've gone to. Alas, the date change coincided with a little birthday get-together for my 40th. Here's the bulk of what some of my friends got me...

This doesn't include the 40 airplane bottles two of my friends went in on for me or a few specialty beers that a few others gave me. 

All of this booze might - and the key word is "might" - help me get through the remaining games on the Bearcat docket.

So because I was busy being gifted liquor, I saw very little of the Cincinnati effort in Tampa. One of the two plays I did see was the Hayden Moore pick-six on an untimed down to end the first half.

So I saw enough.

What I'd like to see now are some signs of progress moving forward, especially as the schedule eases up a little. And I'd like to see Ross Trail play quarterback, at least some. I'll have my booze handy while I watch.

3) Didja BLINK? Yes, this is non-sports, but good on the people who put together, and just as importantly, promoted BLINK this weekend. Downtown had special vibe to it all weekend - aided by the weather - for an event that was in its first year and featured a concept that seemed foreign to some as it was rolled out. 

The art looked slick. The city had a buzz to it.  People were happy. 


1) The league favorite has no players on the preseason all-league first team? OK, American Athletic Conference coaches.  

2) Is there anyone out there who still doesn't think the ball is juiced?  Exhibit number 832328, from Todd Frazier on Monday night...

3) Welcome back, basketball. This part was supposed to be lengthy and in-depth about how we can take everything happening in the NBA - including the league's greatest offseason ever - and juxtapose it against the stale, stodgy, dare I say, boring, NFL. Then I was going to share some thoughts on the season at hand, make some predictions, piss and moan about the Knicks, then talk about how we're still gonna end up with Cavs v. arguably the greatest Warriors team we've seen yet in the Finals. (And yes, I'm aware that they lost last night)

But, that meeting was really important so....

Instead you get these bullet-point hot takes...

*The Knicks will set records for defensive ineptitude. Seriously. They'll be historically bad on that end of the floor. I will complain about this all winter.

*This will be the best Warriors team of the last four years, even if they don't have nearly as good of a record.  This is the deepest NBA team I've ever seen.

*The Timberwolves will be why you want to subscribe to NBA League Pass. Karl-Anthony Towns might be the best scoring big man we've had in a decade-plus.

*The Utah Jazz will win 45-48 games. No one will be able to name any of their players.

*The league's best storyline will be what Cleveland does THIS season with the first round pick it got in the Kyrie Irving trade.

*Lonzo Ball will be ridiculed for being in over his head early, so much so that he'll end the season as the league's most underrated player. Lonzo Ball is going to make a lot of mediocre players a lot of money during his career.

*People will spend the season speculating about where LeBron will go next offseason. I will bang the drum for him to go to Philly, which would be incredible. All of us will be guessing.


1) $17.4 million for Zack Cozart? 

Are you f***ing kidding?

That is all.

2) Columbus' loss = Cincinnati's gain? I talked to someone with whom I trust that works pretty high up the FC Cincinnati ladder.  This person says that the new of a potential move of the Crew really doesn't move the needle in either direction when it comes to FC Cincinnati getting an MLS bid. 

I agree with him.

See, I don't you these would be abbreviated.

3) Roger Goodell and the NFL's waste of time.

There was a meeting yesterday between a handful of owners and some players to discuss the NFL's anthem issue.

Oh, it's been reported that yesterday's meeting, which most owners and a whole lot of players couldn't be bothered to show up to, wasn't really about the national anthem.

Except that it was. At least to the extent that by having the meeting, those who are most heated about this on both sides are supposed to cool their heels and watch football again.

The problem is that Goodell is in an impossible situation, trying to please his employers (owners), his employees (the players), and Donald Trump's large, loyal, army of followers.

He can't please all three. 

That's all I have time for. 

Radio Show: Alan Koch, Marvin Lewis, Andy Dalton, and some XU hoops. All today. 3:05. ESPN1530.

Recommended Link Of The Day: Offensive depth, defense put Cincinnati in Final Four conversation.

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