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Mo Egger

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The Mo Egger Show For 10/19/17: A Preview.

Join me at 3:05 on ESPN1530.  Listen to ESPN1530 24/7 by going here.


3:20 - Dave Lapham

3:42 - Chad Brendel, Bearcat Journal

4:20 -  Phil Steele, Pro and College Football expert.

4:42 - Dan Clasgens, Fantasy expert.

5:10 - Tom Gelehrter, Voice of FC Cincinnati

5:20 - Adam Crowley, ESPN Pittsburgh

5:42 - Brandon Lang, America's Best Handicapper

Hard-hitting sports-talk radio topics....

Bengals/Steelers. Who wins and why?

Proof that Steelers safety Mike Mitchell isn't that good.

A fascinating what-if involving UC football and basketball.

Why college sports programs cheat.

Plus...Hot Take James' Hottest Takes of the Week, and a guy who wants me to "get my head right."

Join me at 3:05 on ESPN1530. 

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