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Forget Scouts And Coaches, Do The Bengals Need A Competent Secretary?

For years, we've wanted the Bengals to upgrade their front office, add scouts, and hire the most qualified personnel people and coaches.

Apparently, what the Bengals really need could be a really good secretary.

From Scott Petrak, of the Chronicle-Telegram.

If this is true, and I badly hope it isn't but fear that it is, this is staggering. The Bengals could've reportedly possibly gotten a second and third round pick in next year's draft in exchange for a guy who hasn't thrown a pass in a game in nearly 22 months and it didn't get done because of a damn clerical error?

This kind of thing defines organizational ineptitude.  

Marvin Lewis has his weekly Wednesday press conference. I look forward to hearing him condescendingly dismiss questions about the trade that didn't happen.

Bengals players are made available to the media tomorrow too. I wouldn't blame AJ McCarron for not wanting to talk about something that possibly would've gotten done if not for someone not knowing how to do some basic paperwork.

We want the Bengals to do the hard stuff, like winning lots of football games. Can you really expect them to be successful on the field if they can't handle easy, administrative tasks?

Staggering. Just effin' staggering.

If true.

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