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Three Things: Don't Let AJ Green Become Carson Palmer.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things.

This will be quick, because Time is of the essence.

1) The Bengals are what they thought we were.  Know what stood out most about Sunday's loss?  It was how the reaction to it has become startlingly familiar.

What were people saying where you work yesterday?  Probably something along the lines of "what the hell was that?" or "Did you watch that shit?"  When people said these things, they probably wore the same looks on their faces that one wears when he just emerged from a really foul-smelling public restroom.

The problem is, that's been our reaction after four different games this season. 

That's because the way the Bengals looked against Jacksonville was similar to how they looked against Baltimore, Houston, and Indy.  Stuck in the mud. Lifeless. Lacking urgency.  Not remotely capable of exposing or taking advantage of the opponent's weaknesses.

Every team lays an egg during the season. The best still figure out a way to win. Others avoid a repeat performances.  The Bengals simply copy and paste.

2) AJ's frustrated. Ask why. If you're like me, you believe that AJ Green's physical outburst on Sunday was the result of a season's worth of frustration. Maybe at his coaches. Maybe at his quarterback. Maybe at his professional lot in life.

This is a big deal, and the Bengals should treat it as such.

What happens when a key player reaches a point of total exasperation, seeing that his best remaining years might be wasted?  He does things like demand trades or plan an escape route.

Sound familiar?

Regardless of how you feel about the way Carson Palmer engineered his escape from Cincinnati, you can't argue that he wasn't at the point of total exasperation and frustration, and he wasn't the only player who felt that way. 

You'll say that there's no way AJ would hold a figurative gun to the Bengals' heads and do what Carson did.  Maybe not.

But in November of 2010, could you have imagined Carson doing what he did in January of 2011?

Me either.

Make AJ happy. 

3) Best of luck Zack Cozart.  The Reds are not making a qualifying offer to Zack Cozart.  

Nor should they.

$17 million+ for a 32 year-old shortstop who'se unlikely to repeat career season of a year ago?

No thanks.

I'd love to hear why I'm wrong. Maybe on a certain radio show.

Radio Show: Dehner. Munoz. Why everyone is right and everyone is wrong about the Bengals. AJ as Carson. Cozart walking. And UC and XU in the Final Four...?  A lot to get to today on ESPN1530. 

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