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Three Things: Gary Clark, Bad Politicians, And Andy Dalton.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things. 

Greetings from paradise. When I'm not staring at the computer screen, here's what I'm looking at....

Life doesn't suck this week, even if for a few brief seconds last night, I allowed myself to think about what it'd feel like here if UC lost to Buffalo.

1) Gary Clark.  UC, in fact, did NOT lose to Buffalo.  The Bulls were a pesky opponent, not intimidated by the 12th-ranked team in the country, and even if the guy running the clock at the gymnasium we were in often had no idea what the score was, Buffalo refused to go away, providing a stiffer challenge for the Bearcats than anyone expected.

UC hung on for the win, mainly because of Gary Clark.  

Mick Cronin talked after the 73-67 win about how much he trusts Gary, and it was evident way down the stretch.  When Cincinnati needed something done, Mick turned to his best player, who delivered one of the better performances of his stellar UC career. Yes, it was just against Buffalo, but if the Bearcats are going to have the season that so many of us expect, avoiding disaster against inferior opponents will be key.

Gary Clark helped UC avoid disaster, and for all of the quality guys Mick has on his team this season, last night was a reminder of who the best and most reliable still is.

2) A wasted week. So the Hamilton County commissioners got confirmation yesterday of what everyone else already knew....

Paul Brown Stadium isn't a viable option for FC Cincinnati if they're going to be invited to join Major League Soccer.

So we're right back where we were a week ago.

And the deadline to get something done looms closer.

Here's my biggest issue with how this whole thing is going down, and regardless of how you feel about FC Cincinnati's stadium and expansion efforts, I can't imagine you won't agree...

The lack of understanding of, or respect for, a deadline.

When Todd Portune talked last week at the Dumbest Press Conference Ever, going on and on about Paul Brown Stadium while needlessly dragging the Bengals into the conversation, he came off not only painfully out of touch, but also ignorant of the looming deadline to get something done.  When asked by Scott Sloan on 700WLW about the deadline hanging over this entire process, he pompously responded by saying that the deadline was not the county's fault, coming off like someone that didn't understand that Major League Soccer isn't going to sit around and wait for the clowns that run the county and the city to get their acts together.

It's why I'm over this entire process, checking in here and there to see if there's a resolution. When issues become political soap operas, I lose interest. And every time I follow something that involves local government, I wonder what we did to deserve leaders like this.

3) Andy Dalton. I've made the case for AJ McCarron to be the starting quarterback down the stretch, in part because Andy Dalton bores me, but mainly because I think it'd be smart for the Bengals to evaluate AJ McCarron by putting him in games.

At the same time....if I'm Andy Dalton, I'm seeing how the Bengals are more reliant on me than ever before, with no run game, limited weapons, and a bad offensive line, and I'm listening to people talk about my performances and my future, and I'm wondering if they know how difficult my job is right now.

Andy isn't great.  God knows the offensive output on Sunday was frustrating. But Andy is keeping this bad team afloat. Maybe more than some people realize.

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