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Three Things: Once More From The Beach.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things.

One more day of staring at this while I work.

And I may or may not be enjoying one of these while I do.

1) The Bearcats.  There's two things to touch on here, the way the Bearcats are playing and they event they're in.

First, last night was the most representative of the way UC will when they're at their best, at least defensively. Against Richmond, the Bearcats caused chaos, often swarmed the ball, and at time completely overwhelmed the Spiders, who looked two minutes in like they'd been completely taken by surprise.

There's a problem with too many turnovers - if not for UC's 20, the game would've been a total embarrassment for Richmond - but with the improved shooting and defense being played the way it was by UC last night, this team is going to be very, very tough to beat.

(Also, I will admit to being wrong about Justin Jenifer.  Two years ago, I wondered if maybe he'd been a little over-recruited. He's turned into a reliable UC point guard.)

Then, there's the event itself.  I'm aware of some of the gripes. 

The gym these games are being played isn't bad, and the people running the tournament seem pretty competent.  But the little things, like the shoddy TV coverage, no concessions, and some teams having to use tents outside for locker rooms, give the Cayman Islands Classic a little bit of an, um, underwhelming feel.

But they do have a steel drummer that plays during timeouts, and who doesn't love a steel drum?

2) The Gunslinger. UC's tilt tonight against Wyoming evokes memories of one of my favorite all-time Bearcat victories, early in the 1994-95 season on the road against the Cowboys.  

The LaZelle Durden Game.

Mention LaZell Durden, and hopefully the person you're mentioning them to responds with two things...

A) The LaZelle, known as "The Gunslinger," had one of the coolest nickmames in college basketball history.

B) A December 1994 Saturday night when UC played like total garbage only to be bailed about by the Gunslinger, a performance capped off by three made free throws with no time on the clock.

This brings back fond memories.

3) Joe Morgan. The Hall of Famer, and Reds legend, is flexing whatever muscle he has in writing a letter to voters asking them not to vote for PED users to get into Cooperstown.

Great, another Hall of Fame steroid argument. 

Here goes...

The steroid era happened.  To ignore it would fly in the face of what the Hall of Fame is supposed to do, which is tell the story of the sport.

During that era, some players emerged as the best of it.  They should be given their due honor.

The only difference between the players of Joe Morgan's era and those of the steroid era are the lack of availability of PEDs in the former and the availability of them during the latter. 

In many respects, PEDs are no different that advancements like amphetamines (Greenies), and Tommy John Surgery.

And there's precedent for allowing cheaters into the Hall.  Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, and Whitey Ford are each legendary pitchers.  Each admitted to doctoring the baseball when they pitched.

Aaand...we have players that took PEDs but didn't get caught, players that were implicated in the Mitchell Report but never failed tests, and in the case of a select few, like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, who were so naturally gifted and highly accomplished before we believe they started juicing that their PED-free resumes make them worthy of inclusion.

We also have had players go in recently that have been rumored to take PEDs, but never proven.  

This debate is old and tired, even if the position of many voters regarding PED users has evolved.  My question for the anti-PED-users-in-the-Hall crowd is where we draw the line on who should get voted in and who shouldn't.

Since we're never going to have that line, and since the purpose of the Hall of Fame is not to determine who was and wasn't morally bankrupt, and since the era that everyone wants to pretend didn't happen did happen, I say vote the PED guys in.

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