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Join Me Thursday Night At Smoke Justis.

Come to Smoke Justis in Covington on Thursday night.  We will watch football.  We can tell each other about how our day went. We can drink beer. We can discuss sports. We can drink more beer. We can eat their Federal Burger. 

I do love the Smoke Justis Federal Burger.

I'll be awarding prizes.  You can win one. The prize can be something you keep, or you can gift it to someone. Maybe you can sell it.  We can continue to drink beer.

I hope to see you there. I promise I won't be as socially awkward as I usually am. I've been working on my shyness. I'll tell you about that. 

Smoke Justis is easy to get to, about a block south of the Roebling Suspension Bridge.  It's a great place. It will be a great time.  I hope to see you there.

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