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Three Things: The Shootout's Biggest Question.

Every day there are three things, here are those three things.

Except that yesterday there weren't three things, mainly because I wasn't moved much by UC's win over Alabama State, I'm bored by FC Cincinnati stadium talk, there wasn't much left to say about the Bengals win over the Browns, and I didn't feel like diving too deep on Tuesday into a Bengals/Steelers game that'll be played on Monday.

My apologies.

Here's today's three things.

1)  Strong showing by the Musketeers. No matter you're rooting allegiance, the one thing about this year's Crosstown Shootout is that XU is by far and away the more tested team.  

Yep. They pay me for stating the obvious.

XU rebounded nicely from their showing in Vegas, which included a defensive debacle against Arizona State on Friday by beating a good, tall, long Baylor team by getting clutch scoring from players who aren't Trevon Bluiett and JP Macura, and by owning the glass against a team that's tough to beat on the boards. 

The biggest question, at least for me, hanging over this year's Shootout is how much the opponents and games leading up to this year's UC/XU clash matter.  The Muskies have met some resistance this season. The Bearcats, with the possible exception of, well, Buffalo, have not.

What happens to UC when Xavier pushes, and then pushes back, at home? How much does being tested matter?

Let's get this out of the way while the game is still days away....

Yes, the Shootout - especially this particular Shootout - deserves better than to be played at noon on a December Saturday, especially college football conference championship Saturday.

The game is best when it's held when it was held last season, in February, when we have a better idea of what the teams are and when people are more focused on college basketball.

But the game will be fantastic, and the moment right before UC and Xavier tips off is my favorite moment in Cincinnati sports. That moment is awesome regardless of where we are on the calendar?

Also...I'll be at Dana Gardens from 9:00 'til 11:00 on Saturday. The nice people at Bud Light have given me a pair of tickets to the game to give away, so if you want 'em, come and win 'em.

2) Choosing misery. Yesterday, I posed this poll question...

The majority of respondents would prefer the Bengals not make the playoffs, if it guaranteed that Marvin Lewis wouldn't return next year. 

The poll was done to jump into the larger topic of the toxic relationship between the Bengals and many of their fans - something we talked about at length on yesterday's show and in this segment with Paul Dehner Jr. - it's gotten so bad that many fans, even with the playoffs still possible - would actually prefer the Bengals lose.

My question to those fans is....what's gameday like for you? Do you still get angry when the Bengals do things poorly? Are you actively rooting for the other team? If they got to the playoffs, would you suck it up and root for them?

Answers. I need them.  You know how to reach me.

3) We made the final four! Major League Soccer is officially going to hear pushes from Nashville, Sacramento, Cincinnati, and Detroit next week.


The city that has no plans for a soccer-specific stadium, with prospective ownership instead proposing playing at....

Ford Field.

Where the Lions play.

You're wondering what I'm wondering, aren't you?

The timing seems like it bodes well for Cincinnati, in the fact that the announcement came pretty quickly after some of the pieces fell together to allow FC Cincinnati to submit its application. It's almost like Major League Soccer was simply waiting on them.

That can't be anything but good, can it?

Radio Show: Really good show today....

Chad Brendel and Rick Broering on the Shootout, in studio for a half-hour at 4:05.

Reds pitcher Tyler Mahle at 4:35.

CFL Grey Cup MVP and LaSalle product DeVier Posey at 5:45.

Lots of other stuff in between, including James from the Bengals locker room, and one or two other things we're working on. 

3:05. ESPN1530.

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