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Bengals Win. Here's A Blog With Some Words. Merry Christmas.

Because you feel like reading a thousand words right now about as much as I feel like typing them, here's some very, very brief thoughts on today's Bengals victory over the Lions in Marvin's (likely) PBS swan song...

*Today was a reminder that Giovani Bernard is really, really good. I hope whoever coaches the Bengals next season realizes this.

*It took 15 games to determine who the competent linemen are. Maybe this team's record wouldn't drastically better if Alex Redmond and Christian Westerman had played all season, but I can't help but wonder what it say about the coaches that two guys who were thrown to the Lions (see what I did there?) did so well after not playing for so long.

*I can't imagine what I'd be writing on my blog if I was a Lions fan. Either Something about how Jim Caldwell makes Marvin Lewis look like Bill Belichick, with some profanity thrown in about what is and isn't a catch and what should and shouldn't be reviewed. 

That is all. Put down or turn off whatever you're reading this on and enjoy a very Merry Christmas. 

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