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Three Things: Greatness Is Never Fatiguing

Every day there are three things. Here are those three things.

1) Greatness is never fatiguing. The Patriots - in the midst of a dynasty that I wrote about, along with some awful football guesses, on Saturday - have reached their eighth Super Bowl since 2001. They'll play the Eagles, who easily disposed of a Vikings team that lost the wind from its sails the moment Patrick Robinson tied the NFC Championship Game with a pick-six.

For a while yesterday, it looked like the upstart Jaguars (I believe you're required to use the word "upstart" whenever you refer to the Jacksonville Jaguars) were going to dethrone the defending champs, and they might have had they actually decided to play football when they got the ball with just under a minute to go and two timeouts on their side before halftime.

Or had they capitalized on that Dion Lewis fumble that felt like a nail in New England's coffin.

Orrrrr....had they sustained something on offense after getting the ball up three with just under six minutes to go.

The Jags did none of those things, and so we're getting the Patriots in the Super Bowl. 


Which you're tired of.

Which I don't understand.

I'm not Patriots fan - something I once claimed to be happy about in the aforementioned blog from Saturday that I apparently really want you to read - but I am a fan of greatness.

I never have greatness fatigue.

If you're tired of the Patriots, do you also tire of great meals? Awesome TV shows? Iconic rock albums.

There's a reason why I'd eat the baked chicken at the Silver Spring house five days a week if I could. There's a reason why I've watched The Sopranos from beginning to end four times.  There's a reason why I've been to 20 Bruce Springsteen concerts.

I never get tired of greatness.

Don't get tired of the Patriots, a team that always delivers something worth paying attention to, a franchise continually appears in what ends up being iconic Super Bowls, and an organization that continues to evolve and stay ahead of the everyone else.

Be tired of teams like the Bengals, who constantly fail to deliver, often underachieve, and pretty much sta the same.

Don't be tired of the Warriors. Be tired of teams like the Clippers, who are short on winning anything that matters, but are long on drama.

Don't be tired of Duke basketball.

Actually, wait, it's okay to be tired of Duke basketball.

What the Patriots have done will not be done again, not in a league where winning is designed to happen cyclically and where most teams are indistinguishable. 

Certainly not in a league where greatness is increasingly in short supply.

2) You get a mention, and YOU get a mention, and YOU get a mention. Lots of college basketball teams did things this weekend.  Each will get two sentences that encapsulates my thoughts on all of them. I'm feeling very democratic this morning.

The Bearcats. I'm very, very bullish on this UC team, and not as much fixated on what their seed will be in mid-March, but more into the gears it can still kick into between now and when seeds are assigned. Also, I'm going to miss Gary Clark very, very, very, very much when he's not here.

The Musketeers. They have their signature win.  And they have their signature play.

The Wildcats.  They have too many young guys.  Seriously, that's what the problem is, at least if I'm going to limit myself to two sentences per team.

(Oh, and they were jobbed by the officials at the end of Saturday's loss to Florida)

The Norse. They've bounced back nicely from the loss to Wright State. Also, I've decided to invest in some Norse gear, but I've seen nothing that catches my eye.

The Flyers. The last four years were a lot of fun. And now, the bill has come due.

The Buckeyes. They're the best feel-good story in college basketball. And yes, I'm saying this because they've agreed to open the new Fifth Third Arena next season.

3) The Redzzzzzzzz. It has been a boring offseason for all of Major League Baseball. Here are a few reasons why...

*Young players are better than older players. Young players are cheaper than older players.

*The MLBPA is run by clowns.

*No one knows what broadcasting deals will look like in three to five years.

*The Cubs and Astros have made it easier for clubs to sell their fans on waiting through a rebuild.

But the Reds' inactivity has had little to do with the overall quietness of the market.  They're not in a position to really add, but they're in no position to really subtract either.

And as much as I would very, very, very much like for them to acquire Christian Yelich, they probably won't be able to without parting with Nick Senzel or Hunter Greene.

So I'm guessing that's not happening.

So I ask you, fellow bored Reds fan, what move should they have made this offseason?

Like seriously, I'm interested.

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