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Three Things: Gut-Check For The Bearcats

Every day there are three things. Here are today's three things.

No three things the last two days. Life, man....

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1) Gut-check for the Bearcats. What an immensely entertaining, compelling mid-season college basketball game, played in front of a very energetic crowd, last night at BB&T Arena.  

At least for the last 30 minutes.

The first ten minutes or so, I wanted to cause bodily damage to myself as a I watched Houston players not named Rob Gray torch Cincinnati's defense while the Bearcats played liberally with the ball on offense.

Want some analysis? Here's some analysis for ya....

In the first 11 and a half minutes, UC had eight turnovers. During this time. Houston's lead swelled to 18 points.

In the final 28 and a half minutes, UC had one turnover.  During this time, the Bearcats outscored Houston by 28.

When the Bearcats take care of the ball, they're really, really good.

End of analysis.

Further analysis could include some thoughts on Kyle Washington, who was fantastic on both ends, and who might hold the key to a long run in March.  What Kyle can do and what he does do are often two different things. Last night, Kyle did what we all know he can.

It would also include thoughts on Jacob Evans' end-of-half steal and heave, which made a crowd about as ecstatic as it can be when the home team is looking up at a three-point halftime deficit.

And further observation would also make mention of Nysier Brooks' early quality minutes, the typically awful American Athletic Conference officiating - which included one ref following Mick Cronin into his team's huddle - and how Gary Clark continues to pump out double-doubles the way I pump out excuses for not getting my blog done.

But the big takeaways from last night were that the Bearcats showed some mental toughness last night, facing their first opponent that truly challenged them in almost two months.

And that, you know, that when the Cats don't turn it over, they stand a very good chance of winning.

The next two are gonna be brief....

2) Jeremy Hill says goodbye....

Nothing against Jeremy, who's handled himself like a pro and will hopefully get a chance to recapture the magic somewhere else, but did we need a goodbye?

Years ago we had an employee who wasn't necessarily bad, but not particularly good either. This guy was with us for something like eight, maybe ten months.  When he decided to move on, he sent out a company-wide email saying goodbye to colleagues, thanking people for their friendship, and reflecting on his less-than-full-year of working with us.  Some of us wondered who this guy actually was.  Others just thought the email was a little silly.

Jeremy's goodbye reminds me of that dude.

3) It's good to be Andy.  If Kirk Cousins is about to hold an entire league hostage and become the highest-paid player in the NFL, is that far-fetched to think that Andy Dalton can do the same thing when he reaches free agency in three years?

I don't think it is.

If I'm Andy, I'm looking what what's happening in this league, assessing my current team-friendly deal, thinking about my age and what I can do over the next three years, and I'm thinking that being the 2021 version of Kirk Cousins is within the realm of possibility.

Maybe not likely, but certainly possible.

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