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Blog Of Football Guesses: (Brief) Super Bowl Edition

I waited until Super Bowl Sunday to post a Super Bowl guess because I'm very, very lazy and because I've never really had a feel for how this game is going to play out.

And honestly, the World Wide Web would continue on just fine if I didn't add to it my opinion as to who will win between the Eagles and Patriots.

But it is my job to offer last-minute lukewarm takes even when I don't feel that strongly about something, so here it goes...

I'm taking the Eagles and the points for the following reasons..

*Because Philly can make New England one-dimensional.

*Because I can't stop thinking about how creaky Brady looked for almost three quarters a year ago against an Atlanta defense that wasn't as good as the one he'll face today.

*Because Patriots Super Bowls are always close.

*Because New England's defense isn't nearly as good as the raw numbers would indicate.

I'm picking the Patriots to win the game outright because....

*They have an edge on special teams.

*Belichick will devise a plan to contain Zach Ertz.

*Nick Foles will not be able to recapture the magic of his NFC title game performance.

*The Eagles are not playing at home.

*It's hard for me to pick against the greatest coach and greatest quarterback of all-time when they're favored against a backup QB.

The playoffs have been miserable for me, with an against-the-spread record of 2-7-1.  Add that to my regular season totals and I'm 129-127-10, which means I will finish in the black, even if only slightly.

The guess...

Patriots 24 Eagles 21 (Philly +4.5)

Prop bets I love...

Brady Total completions: OVER 27

Super Bowl MVP: Brady -110

First quarter UNDER 9.5 points

Brady passing attempts: OVER 40

....and for good measure a teaser of Philly up to +10.5 and the over/under down to 42.5. 

My work here on this Super Bowl Sunday is done. Top this, JT....

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