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The Mo Egger Show For 2/21/18: A Preview.

Join us at 3:05 on ESPN1530. Listen to ESPN1530 24/7 by going here. Here's what's ahead...

3:05 - Do you really care if your favorite college program cheats?

3:20 - Bryan Price or Barry Larkin, and does it matter?

3:33 - Did UK do it again?

3:42 - Rick Broering, Musketeer Report

4:05 - The Reds, and the difference between tanking and rebuilding.

4:10 - An idea for baseball that you're gonna hate that I absolutely love.

4:20 - The bet I'd be willing to make if I was the Bengals.

4:33 - Three Things with James Rapien

4:42 - The one thing about Joey Votto that's overrated.

5:05 - Why college basketball isn't on its deathbed.

5:20 - Who should be the next Dusty Baker?

5:33 - Is the math as easy as it gets for Xavier?

5:42 - Baths or showers? 

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