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Imagine You're Andy Dalton As Kirk Cousins Gets Set For His Big Payday.

This was originally published in The Athletic.

Not since the one dating show contestant got dumped by the other dating show contestant on TV the other night have we as Americans demanded answers like we are with the whole “where’s Kirk Cousins go” suspense.

Will he be a Viking? How about a Jet? Could he move to Denver? Might he prefer Arizona? Will a surprise team emerge?

We’re still days away from finding out since Kirk can’t officially sign with a team until next Wednesday, and since he’ll probably be inconsiderate enough to keep us waiting as he visits with suitors, we might be holding our collective breaths deep into the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament. I, for one, will not be able to fully enjoy March Madness while Kirk Cousins leaves us in limbo.

Can you imagine if, you know, Kirk Cousins was actually really good?

To read my entire piece, go to The Athletic.

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