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Some Stuff: Today Is The Greatest

The NCAA Tournament is the best single event in sports.  I won't argue this. But for as much as I do prefer quality over quantity, I like this week more than next week, mainly because of the sheer volume of college basketball games spread throughout the week.

Today is the best.  Starting and noon, and running into the early hours of tomorrow, there will be 56 Division 1 college basketball games.  Some will be better than others. Some will mean more than others. But any day that sets me up to overdoes on 14 or so straight hours of college basketball cannot be topped by any other day on the American sports calendar.

Here's Some Stuff for today....

Actually, no. There's no stuff today. The games tipoff in 30 minutes from the moment I'm tyiping this sentence. Flyers in DC. Muskies in snowy New York. Other teams throughout the country.

Here's Some Stuff I Like....

Some really, really good stuff from The Athletic...

Q&A: Joey Votto on swinging… more?

The evolution of Cane Broome: From shoot first to team first

A day in the life of the Xavier Musketeers in the Big Apple

Less good, but also from The Athletic...

If Kirk Cousins can get a huge payday, then so can Andy Dalton

With the wrecking ball hitting the Cincinnati Gardens, here's a good look back at a 1992 NBA preseason game played in the same building that once hosted an NBA All-Star Game.

I can't try this, but there's a part of me that would like to.

The Kansas City Royals have come up with an interesting way to combat arm injuries

Some Stuff About Me

We are on after the Louisville/Virginia game, a little bit after 3:00 on ESPN1530. We'll wow you with plenty of college basketball thoughts, opinions, and commentary.  Other sports will come up as well. 

Also, we're doing a show from the Holy Grail next Thursday from 10am until noon before the NCAA Tournament games tip off.  Join us. Win prizes.  Drink beer. 

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