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Some Stuff: Easy Wins Are A Thing Of The Past.

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I figured I'd wait and do this until after today's UC game...

We're well past the point of takeaways from college basketball games being needed. Teams are either good, or they aren't. They're either capable of winning games in March, or they're not. Style points are few and far between. Easy wins are becoming increasingly rare.

Today's win over short-handed SMU should've come easy, but didn't.  There were some positives, including some solid bench play that was boosted by Cane Broome's big performance. There were negatives, including Jacob Evans and Jarron Cumberland playing quietly (Although Jarron had eight assists. He is UC's best passer). But there are takeaways to be had this time of year. You either win, or you don't. The more you keep playing, the less easy the wins become.

I have a feeling the UC Bearcats have enjoyed their final easy win of the season.

Here's Some Stuff for today....

Five teams, four spots?  Maybe Xavier clinched a number one seed with its win over St. John's yesterday. Perhaps the Muskies can increase their stranglehold on a one seed by beating Providence tonight.  Surely, XU will be a one if they win the Big East Tournament.  

But what if Duke wins the ACC Tournament?  Assuming Virginia is a lock to be a one, and kinda assuming that Kansas will be a one, then both Villanova - also projected as a top seed by most bracket geeks - and Xavier can't also both be number ones.

This is a first world problem, of course, but many have been assuming that if the Musketeers beat the Red Storm, they've have a number one seed clinched.  Maybe, but I'm wondering if a potential Big East Tournament title tilt tomorrow night will have more than just a trophy up for grabs.

This is the kind move the Bengals should be making....

I have no major issue with bringing Adam Jones back, not with the uncertainty in the secondary right now.  I would have a problem paying him the kind of money he would've been due for this season had the Bengals picked up his option.  The Bengals shouldn't be paying past-their prime players top dollar.

Adam Jones might have something left in the tank, but the guy has been well past his prime for a while. Most importantly, the money the Bengals would've had to pay him can best be spent elsewhere. 

Why say no? My colleague Lance says thanks, but no thanks to the idea of the Reds signing Jake Arrieta, Lance Lynn, or Alex Cobb. I understand his reasoning, but only to a point.

Ever found something that you really weren't looking to buy or really don't have a pressing need for, but it's on sale at a ridiculous price, and you tell yourself that even if you had no real burning need for a certain item, you might never have a chance to buy it again at such a low price. 

So you pull the trigger and get it.

That's how I feel about Arrieta, Lynn, and Cobb.  If the price is right, you have to wonder if it'd be worth taking a flyer just because of the price.

And no, this whole ongoing rebuild/plan wouldn't be disrupted by signing one guy.  

I'm not saying the Reds should go out of their way to sign either pitcher. I'm saying that they should be open to maybe, just maybe, doing so.

Here's a idea of something that can be easily fixed in college basketball...Let's get rid of the postgame handshake line.  Yesterday's Xavier/St. John's postgame silliness is why. I explain in greater detail today in The Athletic

Some Stuff I Like....

The Sporting News has named Mick Cronin college basketball's coach of the year. The piece about him, and UC's program, is really, really good

Anthony Davis is absolutely carving up the NBA. Bill Simmons wrote about him a week ago, and it's worth your time

Louis Riddick is one of my favorite NFL analysts. He was this week's guest on Richard Deitch's podcast

Some Stuff About Me...

The weekend is here.  No radio show today.

I'm on WCPO Sunday night at 11:35, as Ken Broo's guest on Sports of all Sorts.  Back at it on ESPN Radio Monday morning at 4:00, then on ESPN1530 for Cincy 3:60 at noon, and finally, on at 3:05 on ESPN1530.

Also...we are doing a show from the Holy Grail next Thursday before the NCAA Tournament, from 10:00 until 12:00. The first 64 in the door will get a team drawn at random. If your team wins the national title, you win a weekend golf getaway from French Lick Resort. I hope to see you there. 

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