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Some Stuff: The Bengals Are Having A Good Offseason.

After months of crushing them, here's a Bengals take for you:

They're having a good offseason.

So far, at least.

Yesterday, they made a trade that adds an offensive lineman who - despite being plagued by injuries last year - instantly represents an upgrade from every single one of their linemen from last season. Cordy Glenn might not be as good a player as Andrew Whitworth, but he's younger and he certainly isn't as much of a falloff as Cedric Ogbuehi.

But it's not just that they added a much-needed piece, it's that they were creative in doing so, making a trade that keeps them in the first round and prevents them from overdrafting a player simply because he plays a certain position (I don't think they would've done this, but still...). To help pay for Glenn, the Bengals declined the 2018 option on Adam Jones (something I blogged my hopes for when I was on my deathbed), while apparently keeping open the option of bringing him back at a cheaper rate.  The Bengals typically don't make these kinds of moves, and while time will tell if these moves will pay off, I'm at least encouraged by the thinking that went into them.

Here's Some Stuff for today....

I don't have much today. Life, man.

*Basketball tonight. I'm headed to Dayton for the First Four tonight, an annual tradition that began when the play-in game became back-to-back nights of doubleheaders.  I like this event because it gives me a reason to sneak booze into UD Arena, something I perfected from 1995 through 1998, and because it whets the appetite for the main course on Thursday.

Meanwhile, NKU plays Louisville tonight at the Yum!!!!!!! Center in the NIT.  It'll be an interesting game given how pumped the Norse should be for the opportunity and how much the Cardinals apparently aren't

*Basketball this weekend. St. Patrick's night in Nashville watching UC and XU fans trying to co-exist is tempting. Seeing the Bearcats and Muskies both play in the NCAA Tournament is also tempting. But the last time I watched UC play in Nashville, I think they tipped off at like 10:30pm on a Sunday. That's not so tempting.  Hoping the schedulers doing someone who's on the fence about making the trip a favor. 

*Wait, does P-Doc actually think that trading for Cordy Glenn will get people excited?

Some Stuff I Like....

The Orioles are offering free tickets to kids nine and under. Every team should follow their lead.

Good stuff from Goodyear: C. Trent got Reds catchers to talk about the nastiest pitches on the Reds' staff. 

AJ McCarron is appropriately placed on this list. 

Radio Show: Mick Cronin joins me at 3:42. Chris Mack is with me at 5:20.  Chad Brendel and Rick Broering are with me together at 4:05.  Lots of other stuff in between. 

And you'll be better off for joining me at the Holy Grail on Thursday morning.

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