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Some Stuff: Go Ahead, Laugh At My Bracket

I'm a little short on time this morning, so this will be brief, but here's my bracket.  Not that I really think you care. Also, you may have to squint.

Some very brief explanations...

I have UC going to the Elite Eight, which would represent a smashing success of a tournament run for the Bearcats. I believe in them defensively, and I think they have the mental toughness to get through the first three rounds of the tournament.  I have Kentucky playing them, because while I wouldn't be shocked if they get upset by Davidson (who I have tonight +5.5), I trust the UK Wildcats more than I do the Arizona Wildcats and Virginia. In the regional final, I have UK beating Cincinnati. I'm trying to avoid recency bias, but I liked the way Kentucky played in the SEC Tournament, and in a game to determine who goes to the Final Four, I'll guess that the winning team is the one with the future first round picks.

I think you know I'd like to be wrong if ever get to that point.

I have Xavier getting to the Elite Eight as well, but falling to North Carolina in the regional final in what would be one of the tournament's most entertaining games.  I like the Muskies, and I think some of the concerns about their defense are a little overblown, but I'd worry about them getting stops against the Tar Heels.  When I think of Xavier playing UNC, I have visions of them playing Villanova.  They're not good visions. 

I have Villanova winning the whole thing because they were the best college basketball team I watched this season, and when they're shooting well, they're nearly impossible to defend.

I have Duke in the Final Four because I love Marvin Bagley and because I think Grayson Allen is poised to show the country how good he is. 

If history is any guide, I'll probably be wrong about most of this.  

FWIW, for today's action, I'm going with Oklahoma (+2), Penn (+13.5), Davidson (+5.5), and South Dakota State (+7.5). These are destined to not win.

Here's some stuff....

Sometimes a chance is not really a chance. AJ McCarron is off to Buffalo, where he'll finally get his long-awaited chance to prove that he can be an NFL starting quarterback.  The problem is that the Bills have garbage receivers, an aging LeSean McCoy, and a huge void on the offensive line left by Eric Wood's retirement. Oh, and they're in prime position to draft a quarterback, whom they'll be turning the team over to sooner rather than later. I'm rooting for AJ to succeed, but he's not set up to have much success in the short term, and in the long term, well, he's probably gonna go back to having the job - albeit at a much higher pay rate - than the one he had here.

I can't believe this was actually a thing.  The Xavier Musketeers traveled to Nashville on an airplane. This apparently upset people who really lack things to actually be upset about

The West End is the best end. I started my show by making a passionate defense of my neighborhood. This really isn't a soccer stadium take....

Cutting things a little short since I've gotta be at the Holy Grail for this morning's tournament tipoff show. I hope you join us, starting at 10:00, on ESPN1530.

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