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The Mo Egger Show For 4/4/18: A Preview.

For reasons that aren't worth getting into, I've been light on the blog work this week.  I'll get be to regularly updating this site starting tomorrow.

We do have a radio show today on ESPN1530....

3:05 - Xavier's press conference introducing Travis Steele.

3:20 - Why the Reds' first four games have been successful.

3:33 - Dave Parker, in studio

3:42 - The real loser in last night's washout.

4:05 - A guarantee I'll make about the Reds outfield.

4:20 - Is a local high school basketball player starting a new trend, or simply highlighting another option?

4:33 - Three things, with James Rapien

4:45 - Why I believe Andy Dalton when he says things like this. Kinda.

5:05 - The Reds are delivering exactly what we'd hoped for them to deliver.

5:20 - Didi Gregorius, a trade I'd still make, and Jose Peraza

5:33 - I'll be joined by Travis Steele

5:42 - Would it be better if you didn't have a face?

Plus, highlights from this podcast that includes a chat with Reds prospect Nick Senzel.

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