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Yovani Gallardo, Kevin Gregg, Ross Ohlendorf. Same Guys, Different Names.

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This was originally published in The Athletic.

Whether or not the Reds are actually better this season – and with their record 1-5, the safe money for now is on “not” – this year was supposed to be at least a little more palatable.

Gone were the days of the Reds having lineups with guys playing out the string before they left, either on their own or via trade.

Finished were the days of having to pencil in starting pitchers with little upside because, well, someone has to pitch.

And no longer would we have to see the likes of Kevin Gregg, Ross Ohlendorf, Scott Feldman, or whatever was left of Bronson Arroyo eat up some innings.

Except that very quietly, sandwiched somewhere between three different Opening Days, the Reds signed Yovani Gallardo.

To read my entire piece, go to The Athletic.

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