National Reaction To Bryan Price Getting The Boot.

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It’s hard to see, though, just who on earth is capable of fixing this. For the interim, that will be bench coach Jim Riggleman’s problem. For the future, that’ll be up to general manager Dick Williams and Jocketty, who created this mess and haven’t shown any sign that they know how to clean it up. They can point to some players who could be part of the next great Reds team—Votto, Castillo, outfielder Jesse Winker, top prospect Nick Senzel, 2017 first-rounder Hunter Greene, the top-five draft pick they have this summer and the top-five pick they’ll assuredly have next year—and claim better days are ahead. But to see that bright future, you have to look past the still-flaming wreckage of the last four years, and the most indisputable fact about the 2018 Reds: This is an awful team that has completely lost its way.

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