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Draft Grades Are Dumb, But You Want Them, And I'm Here To Give Them To You.

You say you don't want them but you do.  Here's how "experts" are grading the Billy Price pick...

Pete Prisco, CBS C+ He's coming off a pectoral injury at the combine, but will be ready for camp. They needed a center so it makes sense.

Danny Kelly, The Ringer: Fit: A+ Value: B+ He’s tough, position-versatile, athletic, and smart. The Bengals badly needed to add some depth to their interior line and they did just that with this pick.

Bill Connelly, SB Nation: (Separates teams into too low, too high, or just right) Too high. I guess if I said Ragnow was too high because of the other dudes available, then this one definitely is because I’m pretty sure that, like Washington with Payne, Cincinnati freaked out and took the next center on the list after Ragnow. He’s good, but ... two centers have now gone before Lamar Jackson. I just wanted to type that out.

Mel Kiper, ESPN. (Separates teams into winners and question marks) Question Mark: I had a late second-round grade on Ohio State center/guard Billy Price, who the Bengals took at No. 21, but part of that is because Price got injured at the combine (torn pectoral). I just think Iowa's James Daniels is a better player, and he was still on the board.

Andy Benoit, A- It’s not a sexy pick, especially with Lamar Jackson, a potential replacement for Andy Dalton, on the board. But it’s a grossly necessary pick. The Bengals have had major problems against interior designer pass rush tactics the past two years, and their O-line got no movement in the ground game last season. With every interior O-lineman in the last year or two of his contract, this lineup could be altered at any spot. And it must—Andy Dalton needs a clean pocket. When he doesn’t have one, his flawed footwork leads to the mechanical breakdowns that cause most of his befuddling incompletions and turnovers.

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News (Doesn't give letter grades): Cincinnati had a huge void at center, and it became the offensive line priority after the team traded for left tackle Cordy Glenn. The Bengals were smart to stay in state and stick with that plan even after Ragnow was selected one pick earlier. Price overcomes a Combine injury to be selected in a sport worthy of this talent. B+ They wanted Frank Ragnow, but Billy Price is a nice consolation prize. In fact, I thought they'd take Price when his medical concerns were still apparent. Fortunately for Price, he's been medically cleared. He's the top blocker on the board, and Cincinnati absolutely had to upgrade the line.

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