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Bengals Are Having A Good Offseason And Nickelback Rocks.

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers

I originally wrote this for The Athletic....

I’m about to write some nice things about the Bengals, which means I’m about to do something as uncool as writing about how much Nickelback’s latest album rocked, or as in vogue as opining about how efficient our local government is.

In fact, when I’m finished with this, I might as well completely buck what’s fashionable and write a piece about how the Reds’ rebuild is going just fine.

The Bengals have earned our jadedness, of course. Skepticism tends to mount when an unpopular head coach who’s never achieved playoff success returns for his 16th season to try to help a franchise breakthrough in the postseason for the first time since Starter jackets were in style. You’re excused if you’re cynical of any praise being heaped upon a football team that never fails to disappoint. Any distrust you have in the people in charge of it is completely justifiable.

But still, I’m going to say nice things, even if I’m a little dubious myself of what I’m about to write.

Because the Bengals have had a pretty good offseason.

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