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Does FC Cincinnati Really Need Major League Soccer?

This was originally published in The Athletic.

I would love for Cincinnati to land an NBA team.

I also know that some of you probably won’t read the rest of this because you simply can’t wait to tweet at me why we can’t/won’t/shouldn’t get an NBA team even though, I’m telling you, an NBA team in Cincinnati—given the right owner and arena—could totally work.

But this isn’t about the NBA franchise that we’re not getting. It’s about the Major League Soccer team that we might be getting. Or more specifically, the USL team that we already have that might become an MLS team, if the people who run MLS ever actually get around to putting aside all the other important stuff they’re apparently working on to announce the next city they’re expanding to.

So why am I bringing up the NBA and Cincinnati?

Because I want to know if there’s truly a demand here for Major League Soccer.

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