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No Need To Panic, Joey Votto Is Just Talking Honestly.

This was originally published in The Athletic.

Whenever Joey Votto speaks, it sparks interest, so what he said on a podcast last week raised as many questions as it did eyebrows. It also ignited a whole new round of Joey Votto amateur psycho-analysis that sent some Reds fans into a minor panic as they wondered what his words really meant.

Votto’s always worth listening to when he decides to share what’s going on in his head –whether it’s about his hitting, his team or even his recent fun heel-turn toward visiting fans. The Reds first baseman doesn’t give canned, cliché-filled answers. He’s refreshingly honest, sometimes funny, usually insightful and always thoughtful. Given the length of his tenure and what’s he’s accomplished, when he says something about the current state of the Reds, his words are worth paying attention to, whether you’re simply a fan or among the people running the club.

If you’re like me, when you saw that Votto has opened up a little bit about the season the Reds have had, you perked up a little bit. Then you probably tried to figure out if there was some deeper meaning beyond what he said on the surface? Is he unhappy? Is Joey becoming even more impatient than when he last addressed this subject back in February? Is this a sign of discontent that fractures the relationship between the Reds and their best player? Is Joey Votto going to (gulp) ask to be traded?

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