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Some Stuff: On Scooter And The World Cup.

I'm headed to Indy today to handle some personal business before I treat myself to an 11:00am Indianapolis Indians/Louisville Bats game.  I'll see the Reds and Pirates AAA teams before watching the parent clubs at GABP tonight.

So this won't be much of a blog. My apologies.

The two things I'd be writing about if I had much time this morning, I covered on yesterday's show, which you can listen to here....

On Scooter Gennett...I'm on board with shopping him to the highest bidder, if a high bidder actually exists. I'm interested in what the Reds could get for him in a deadline trade, and I understand the concept of selling high, which the Reds often didn't do when they went through all the changes that have the club where it is right now.

At the same time, free agent prices have plummeted, and while there will probably be some market corrections this coming offseason, I do wonder whether the sport's declining collective interest in paying players big money deep into their 30s will maybe make Scooter a little more affordable to a team like the Reds. Can he really command a massive four-year deal?

And given the long-term uncertainty surrounding Billy Hamilton, who can walk at the end of next season as well as the legit questions about how much it's worth investing in Adam Duvall, is there some validity to keeping Scooter around beyond next season as a backup option? 

I don't have answers, but before we ship Gennett off to Seattle, or wherever, shouldn't the Reds at least be asking the same thing?

Also....I want to get into the World Cup this season, but since the US didn't qualify, I'm looking for a country to root for. We took suggestions on yesterday's show and on Twitter....

We are going to choose our country on next Thursday's show, considered all of the suggestions we've gotten and hopefully will still get.  We're going to throw our support 100 percent behind our World Cup country. We'll buy gear, update their progress on our show with guests features, etc., and we'll even try to have a watch party for one of their games.  

I'm into interesting stories, or compelling figures.  I'm not necessarily looking for a favorite, but I wouldn't mind, for once, actually rooting for a team that's won something.

So lay the suggestions on me. Which country should we root for?

Hit me up at the places below, come back for a regular blog tomorrow, and wish me well as I head up I-74. 

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