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Some Stuff: Jungle Pass!

The Bengals have done something I like. From their release...

Fans interested in attending every Bengals home game this season have a new option. The $200 mobile-only Jungle Pass includes tickets to 10 Bengals games, eight in the regular season and two in the preseason. 

 Jungle Pass will go on-sale this Thursday at 10 a.m. Fans can purchase up to two tickets together. The mobile-only tickets, which are non-transferable and must be used by the purchaser, will be delivered through the Bengals app a few hours before kickoff of each home game. 

 “Jungle Pass is designed for the fan who craves the mobile ticketing experience and great value,” said Duane Haring, Bengals Director of Ticket Sales & Service. “We are excited to test out Jungle Pass and give fans who are looking for this type of ticket solution another option to experience games at Paul Brown Stadium. For only $20 per game, fans will get access to all Bengals preseason and regular season home games and receive playoff ticket priority.”

 There are a limited number of seats available, all provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The seats will be located in the canopy level at Paul Brown Stadium and will be the same seats for every game.

After 20 seasons of being a Bengals season ticket-holder, I didn't renew for 2018.  A lot of factors went into this, not the least of which was one that I wrote about after last year's miserable loss to the Bears, that with a one year-old at home, maybe spending eight fall Sundays away from my family to watch a team that consistently lets me down isn't the best use of my time.

There were other considerations. As the last two seasons went on, and the priorities and commitments of my friends began to shift, it's become more difficult to find people who want to go to Paul Brown Stadium, with the at-home experience being so much more comfortable and less expensive and the product on the field often being so overwhelming. 

I haven't exactly missed the quarterly season ticket payment being pulled from my bank account, and honestly, I've felt more and more like most Bengals customers, like my time, money, and patience isn't that important to the people running the club.

I'm not finished going to Bengals games - I plan on going to many - if not most - PBS tilts with friends who remain season ticket customers, and I'm planning on seeing at least two road games this season. And the I don't attend, I'll be watching intently. Nor have I completely ruled out re-upping in 2019, depending on how this upcoming season and life both play out. But I need a break from both the commitment of being a season ticket-holder and the work that goes into making sure the tickets are used.

But the Jungle Pass appeals to me. $200 is a fraction of what I've paid for full season tickets, and it'll allow me to go when I want- either by myself (which I've done) or hooking up with others who already have tickets. The guaranteed seat might not be ideal, but there aren't many bad seats in Paul Brown Stadium, and there's no shortage of places to post up if you don't want to sit in the seat you're assigned to. I won't feel like I'm out that much money when I elect not to go a game, and if the Bengals do happen to play in a high-demand game, I won't have to worry about finding a ticket.

The Reds do something similar, with their Ballpark Pass, as do a number of other Major League teams, and while I'm sure some will gripe that this devalues the more expensive season tickets that others have already paid for and others will gripe just because it's their past-time to gripe about the Bengals, I like what they're doing with the Jungle Pass.

And I'm actually thinking about buying one.

Thus concludes the Jungle Pass part of today's blog...

Here's some stuff...

473. That's how many days there are until the end of next season, which is when the Reds will no longer have any obligation to Homer Bailey, and vice versa.  This is the only Homer Bailey-related number that matters. Forget how he threw in his rehab start last night. Who cares whether he's in the rotation or coming out of the bullpen? He's not going to help the Reds win now, nor is he ever going to give them the kind of consistent productivity they're paying for. He's a space-filler now, a more highly-compensated version of the Scott Feldman/Jason Marquis/Bronson Arroyo-types that have populated the Reds pitching staff for years. He's harmless, not really blocking the way of anyone, but not advancing the club in the right direction either. All that matters is that his deal will expire.

In just 473 days.

Nick Senzel has nowhere to play. At least according to this story on

Nick Senzel seems to be over his bout with vertigo.

He went into Monday 10 for his last 27 at-bats for Triple-A Louisville. That’s a .370 batting average. He’s getting on base at a .469 clip over the same period. 

So when can we expect to see Senzel, the club’s No. 1 prospect, in a Reds uniform?

The short answer: No time soon.

“He’s not coming up until he has a place to play every day,” Reds General Manager Nick Krall said. 

Um, ok. Don't most teams, if they have a top prospect who's ready, you know, find a place for him to play? 

Here's some other stuff...

It's that time of year, when people start suggestion changes to the MLB All-Star Game (which doesn't need to be changed).

Here's a good look at the American Athletic Conference at a crossroads.

A few weeks late on this, but it's good nonetheless...The problem with Major League Baseball is that players are too good at baseball

Exploring a long-term contract between the Cincinnati Reds and Anthony DeSclafani

I got a new sportcoat.

Radio Show: The Bengals biggest question, Homer Bailey's biggest issue, and the Reds' biggest problem. Plus, Chad Brendel on a big recruiting weekend for UC football at 3:42, and Paul Dehner Jr. from Bengals minicamp at 4:20. The fun starts at 3:05 on ESPN1503. 

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