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Should We Be Surprised At This Point By Reds’ Stirring Comeback Win?

This was originally published in The Athletic...

The thing about what happened last night in Cleveland is that it wasn’t all that surprising.

Stirring? Yes. Invigorating? Without a doubt. Something that sent you texting made-up words to your buddies, hoping they were watching? But was what happened in the ninth inning at Progressive Field that much of a surprise?

With this team, no.

Think about that. A Reds team that authored the franchise’s worst-ever start to a season, that not long ago was on track to lose around 105 games, that looked clueless for eight innings against Trevor Bauer, stared down its final out while trailing by four runs, and authored the kind of comeback that no Reds team had made in 100 years. They stole a win against a team that’s almost a sure thing to be in the playoffs, and what they did wasn’t a complete shock.

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