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Some Stuff: The Weekend The Reds Came Crashing Back To Earth.

Last week, I suggested that the Reds should tank in the second half.

I didn't think they'd take my literally.

They were going to come back to earth eventually, but did they have to come crashing down so emphatically?  They played three games this weekend against the Pirates. They were competitive in none of them.

Frustrating? Yes. Sobering? Sure.  But to an extent what happened this weekend is maybe a reminder that for all the progress the Reds have made over the last few months, they're still not immune to long stretches of maddening, uninspiring play. 

Also, they have no idea how to get Corey Dickerson out.

Here's some stuff, after a late start due to a radio schedule that has me working very early mornings on ESPN Radio...

I believe Matt Harvey will be traded, but I have a weird feeling that it'll happen after July 31st.  Yesterday's effort against Pittsburgh couldn't have helped his chances, but I have a hunch that teams are still kinda sitting on their hands when Harvey's name is mentioned.

If you had a ticket to Friday night's Reds game, which began almost three hours after it was scheduled to begin, the Reds should give you a rain check toward a future game.  Common sense should prevail here. So far, it has not.

Homer Bailey is making his return to the Reds' rotation, leaving Sal Romano as the odd man out, at least temporarily. I'm interesting in what happens with Harvey and Robert Stephenson before I get upset about this. 

Reds Hall of Fame weekend was awesome, as it always is. It'd been a while since I'd attended the gala, but I secured a ticket for last night, and we posed for pics with the most badass baseball player ever and the host of the greatest baseball TV show ever....

My guesses, which are worthless, for the 2020 class: Reggie Sanders, Lou Piniella, and John Franco.  Do with those guesses what you please.

While the Reds were floundering their way through the weekend, other stuff was happening. FC Cincinnati continued to crank out victories, earning three more points with a win over the New York Reds Bulls II.  The orange and blue are the most likable Cincinnati sports team we've had in years.

The Open Championship provided some of the best sports television we've had in a while, with yesterday's final round being must-watch. 

The tournament was not won by Tiger Woods, but the day was dominated by him, which was a lot of fun.

Is he back? If by "back," you mean the guy you'd wager on against the entire field, the guy who once was a shoo-in to win more than 18 majors and 100 tournaments, then the answer is no.

If by "back," you mean the guy who can capture the imagination of fringe golf fans, and one day win that elusive 15th major, then the answer is yes.

I didn't blog much last week, for a variety of excuses reasons.  I had takes on the All-Star Game, what Reds players did during the All-Star Game, and the Josh Hader controversy, but you either heard them all on one of the eight billion radio shows I did last week, or you no longer care.

All I will say now is that if you were bothered by Joey Votto not catching a popup in a game that doesn't count for anything, the problem probably isn't Joey Votto.

And this new era where when someone becomes famous we go back an comb through their Twitter history is going to be loads of fun.

Here's some other stuff...

I posed eight questions over the weekend about the Bengals as they get set to begin training camp.  Read them here

Here's a good look at where Jesse Winker stands in the NL Rookie of the Year race. 

Will the Reds' managerial gig be the most attractive in baseball?

Shannon Russell has a really good piece on Miami football player Kenny Young III

Here's a piece from a guy that went to three Alaskan Blockbuster stores before they closed for good.

Former Bengal Jermaine Gresham is nice.  


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