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Some Stuff: The Inevitable Trade Happened.

The Reds player most likely to be traded as the trade deadline approached, even more so than Matt Harvey, always seemed to be Adam Duvall.

Last night, the Reds made was was most likely a reality, understandably so.

Quite simply, they didn't want to pay Adam more money to play less, which he almost certainly would've have done had he returned next season. That's money better spent elsewhere.

They have a little bit of a surplus of guys who can hit, and they have every reason to like their current corner outfielders. They also may prefer to put Scooter Gennett or Nickk Senzel in left field.

So yeah, it made sense to trade Adam Duvall. There's two good rundowns of the guys the Reds received in return here and here, but my early sense is the Reds did quite well, moving on from a soon-to-be player who's probably a fourth outfielder on a good team in exchange for three guys who are either ready or close to being ready for the big leagues.  Each has Major League experience.

That's a good trade.  And while they've had their share of deals that haven't worked, it's - for now, at least - one of many that can be considered a solid move by this front office. 

I like Adam Duvall. He had 2016 a shade more bearable, and always seemed to handle criticism and failure in stride. And if he can help the Braves this fall, I'll look forward to your tweets about how the Reds shouldn't have dealt him. 

Here's some stuff...

Here's what I wonder about Billy Hamilton at the trade deadline: How much of ownership's much-discussed reluctance to move him is a byproduct of there being no clear consensus in the front office about what to do with him?  I believe the Reds baseball people are conflicted, understanding his value, but unsure about whether what he does well is worth paying so much for. I also believe they are not getting overwhelmingly good offers for Billy Hamilton, making it hard for Dick Williams and his crew to present a convincing case in favor of trading Hamilton to Bob Castellini.

I wouldn't trade Matt Harvey today. I would roll the dice and see if a desperate team emerges next month, willing to offer more than the supposed lukewarm offers they're fielding now.  If they lose Matt Harvey as a free agent, it will not derail the franchise.  I promise. Just like losing Zack Cozart for nothing didn't derail things. 

You might hate the Homer Bailey deal, but can you imagine having to pay the $68 million+ still owed to Johnny Cueto?

The five best words in football: Tyler. Eifert. Cleared. To. Practice.  I'm on board with this Richard Skinner column about the best way to use Eifert this season.  Let Tyler Kroft do the blocking. Let Tyler Eifert do the catching. 

Here's some other stuff...

The white threads John Calipari holds up in this video are sweet. 

When you trade for the guy who's suspended for domestic violence, you're no longer allowed to talk about your organization's zero-tolerance policy. 

One day, LeBron James' basketball career will be a footnote compared to the other things he will have done with his life

I bought this t-shirt. 

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